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Ok, so you are one of the millions of drivers who have been issued a speeding ticket or traffic ticket in Pennsylvania this year.  Already ,you are different than the vast majority of people who have received one of these traffic citations.

How are you different you may ask ? You are  considering your options prior to paying a ticket.  Please note that if you pay a speeding ticket in the State of Pennsylvania or any other traffic citation your are guilty. This means  points may be assessed to your driving record as well as fines.

In some instances we recognize, you may feel that it is “simply cheaper” to pay the ticket than pay attorneys fees.  Does that sound like you? If so,  we would suggest you to contact our office and get a quote and compare the cost of our services versus the prospective cost of your fine and the likely increase in your insurance.

Please contact us for a free consultation 

Remember, once you pay a ticket you have entered a guilty plea. If you do this, it may be too late to help you.