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May 15, 2014 — A tech employee from Lower Merion Township is facing DUI charges after police officers had to come rescue her from her flooded car.

Wendy Leigh Reich, 40, who was the chief technology officer for Lower Merion Township, got stuck on a flooded section of Route 1 in Chadds Ford back at the end of April, at 11:45 PM. Police were dispatched to rescue her from the flooded car, although she was ultimately rescued by the fire department in a boat.

Upon getting her out of the flooded car, officers noticed that Reich had been driving under the influence of alcohol and/or some kind of controlled substance. She was then arrested.

The accident occurred on April 30, a day of heavy rains and major flooding in the area. Notifications had been sent out that Route 1 was closed due to flooding. Although it is not known whether roadblocks had been set up at the time of Reich’s accident, the notifications had been sent out prior to the accident. Another driver did drive past roadblocks that had been set up later in the day, and that driver was also arrested for a DUI after his car got stuck as well.

Reichs and her lawyer have refused to comment on the incident, with her lawyer threatening to file a defamation lawsuit. The township has also not yet commented on the incident.

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