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Traffic Court in Philadelphia is gone

PHILADELPHIA – If you wish the traffic courts in Philadelphia to vanish, then your wish is granted. Today, Governor Thomas W. Corbett has signed a bill that will vanish traffic court pronto! This is the consequence of the scandal which happened several months ago after a number of current and ex judges were arrested and

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Shooting Victim Crashes on Broad Street

June 2, 2013 A man who was shot multiple times crashed along Broad Street after losing control of his pickup truck and colliding with another vehicle. Police say that the crash happened around 6:50 Sunday evening along North Broad Street and Glenwood Avenue in North Philadelphia. Reports state that a Ford F=150 pickup was traveling

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Pileggi moves to abolish Traffic Court

Motorists in Philadelphia might be able to see some changes this year as, Dominic Pileggi, Republican leader of the state Senate, is prepared to present bills abolishing the Philadelphia Traffic Court. This is the result of an investigation commissioned by the state’s chief justice that discovered a widespread ticket-fixing for drivers who are known by

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33 Hurt After School Bus Crashes Into Tree on Garden State Parkway

So many passengers sustained minor injuries when a bus full of Charter Tech high schoolers crashed into some woods along the Garden State Parkway. Last Monday afternoon, parents of the students from Charter Tech heard the scary news that the school bus with three dozen schoolers on board careened off the Garden State Parkway. The

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Pennsylvania House of Representatives Approves a Measure to Disband Philadelphia Traffic Court

The House of Representatives in Pennsylvania joined the State Senate to abolish the allegedly corrupt Philadelphia Traffic Court by a vote of 117 to 81. State Senator Dominic Pileggi sponsored the measure  through Senate Bill number 33 which approves the abolition of the Philadelphia Traffic Court from the state constitution. A further initiative sponsored by

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