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Traditionally, when municipalities of Pennsylvania consider next year’s annual budget, one of their reliable sources is driving infractions. To replenish their dwindling treasury, motorists paying speeding tickets have become an essential source of revenues for these townships. One of the more frequent questions that the man behind the wheel asked is: How many points am I facing for a speeding ticket?


Exceeding maximum speed Miles over Speed Limit: Amount of Points:
0 to 5 0
6 to 10 2
11 to 15 3
16 to 25 4
26 to 30 5
31 and over Provided under Section 1538 (d) and 5: Departmental Hearing and Sanctions

(Kindly note that if violations occur in an active work zone, it is possible that your suspension will be extended for 15 days.)

Many clients are asking question on how a speeding ticket will affect their insurance rates. Frankly speaking, we are unable to provide you the premium increase that you may have to settle; however, your best option is to contact your insurance agent. Looking at our own experience, it appears that a moving violation on most insurance ratings as such in your policy, there will be a considerable increase.

For any other questions regarding your Pennsylvania speeding ticket, our office is ready to assist you; please contact us for a free consultation.