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Suspended license

Driving While Suspended.

Please note that there are two possible violations that you may receive for driving while suspended. They are as follows:

1543(a) – This subsection refers to driving a motor vehicle on a highway or trafficway in Pennsylvania when your license is actually been suspended or reverted and has not been restored. Please note that this does not relate to any alcohol related charges and a conviction of this subsection will result in an additional one year driver’s license suspension as well as a fine. This is an extremely serious charge and we would strongly advise you to obtain the services of our office if you have been charged with this section.

1543(b) Driving Under Suspension – DUI r elated. Please note that this is a summary motor vehicle offense that carries a mandatory JAIL SENTENCE. An attorney is mandatory in this matter.

Please note that the relevant violations are provided below for your full review. Please note that our office is available 24/7.