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When people talk about the nation’s largest cities, few remember to name Philadelphia, Pa. It doesn’t get the press that New York does, or even Boston or Washington, but it is indeed the second-largest city on the East Coast and the fifth largest in the entire country. That’s a shock to many people.

All of those Philadelphia-area residents are on the roads, which can make for choking traffic. Thankfully, I-95 no longer goes through the city, but I-295, I-276 and I-476 all host millions of vehicles every year as people go around Philadelphia or exit off these arteries to head into the city.

Inside the city, the main roads sometimes do not match the population growth over the years, and traffic can become very bunched. In these conditions, it can be extremely easy to get in a long line of cars and accidentally run a red light, for instance. You can be stuck behind one of the thousands of delivery trucks dropping off supplies to a cheesesteak restaurant, for example, and not see the light change before you enter the intersection.

These types of innocent mistakes occur every single day on Philadelphia’s roads. In addition, on the beltways around the city, you can get compressed into a pack of cars and be zooming along above the speed limit without even planning on it.