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So many passengers sustained minor injuries when a bus full of Charter Tech high schoolers crashed into some woods along the Garden State Parkway.

Last Monday afternoon, parents of the students from Charter Tech heard the scary news that the school bus with three dozen schoolers on board careened off the Garden State Parkway. The mishap landed the 32 students and the driver in the hospital. The good news is that by Monday night all the kids were out of the hospital.

Charter Tech student name Infinity Watson said that when the bus was about to tip over, he thought he was going to die.
All of the three dozen students in the bus were injured when a school vehicle ferrying the from the Atlantic County performing arts high school smashed into the woods along the Garden State Parkway last Monday afternoon. According to the police, one of the rear wheels apparently detached from the bus during the crash.

Luckily, by Tuesday, the press reported that everyone involved in the crash was evaluated and released from local hospitals — with the exception of one student who remained in the hospital.

Investigators arrived on the scene that Monday night as they tried to investigate the reason why the Safety Bus company bus with around 3 dozens Charter Tech students veered from the roadway and crashed into the trees. The accident happened just before 3:30 p.m. near mile-marker 34 northbound in Egg Harbor Township.

Starting from the scene, members of the State Police Commercial Vehicle Inspection Team started investigating the cause of the crash. State Police stated that base on their preliminary investigation, it was revealed that one of the rear wheels detached. But this fact has yet to be investigated.

Both parents and student on the bus praised the driver for swerving off the roadway instead of into traffic.
One parent identified as Michelle Griffin said that her daughter said that the bus driver did everything so the bus would not run into a car or hit the biggest tree in the woods.

The bus just skidded off the road and crash into some nearby woods as it left behind very pronounced skid tracks in the grass shoulder. As they towed the bus away, the emergency crew noticed that one of the wheels was visibly missing.
Officials say that all 32 students on the bus and the female driver were taken to the hospital – but four students refused medical evaluation and decided to leave with their parents.
Most of the injuries were described as bumps and bruises — some students complained of neck and back pain.

Parents were immediately alerted of the crash so they were able to bring comfort to their children. The victims were transported either to Atlanticare Regional Medical Center in Atlantic City or Galloway Township or Shore Medical Center in Somers Point.

Charter Tech principal explained that the cause of the crash must have been the back wheel which had come off the bus which caused the driver to loss control.

Owner of Safety Bus, Tom Duggan said they will investigate the reason for the crash. He, however, confirmed the bus recently needed re-inspected after an earlier annual inspection showed some problems that needed corrected.

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