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UNIATA PARK – The driver who caused a chain reaction crash that injured two officers is now the object of hunt by the police. Philadelphia Police are searching for the driver who was responsible for a crash that caused reaction that injured two officers.
The setting of the chain reaction crash was at the intersection of G Street and Cayuga in Juniata Park just after 1:00 o’clock in the morning.
According to the police, the two officers were driving along Cayuga Street when the car lost control and swerved to avoid another car but it also slammed into a parked car.
Police officials reported that the operator of the car that made the officers off the road fled from the scene.
Both officers were taken to Temple University Hospital and treated for minor injuries.
Now the police are looking for a white Pontiac that was last seen going southbound on Cayuga Street.
Speaking about chain reaction crash, an interesting collision happened the day before in Bruceville-Eddy. But in this mishap, at least one person died after a chain collision of 13 vehicles on I-35 south of Waco which involved four tractor-trailer rigs.
According to the Texas Department of Public Safety the crash happened about 12:45 p.m. Monday on northbound Interstate 35 about one mile south of Bruceville-Eddy.
DPS Trooper D.L. Wilson confirmed that at least one person was killed in a vehicle crushed beneath one of the 18-wheelers. A fire-rescue officer crawled under the trailer and confirmed that the person was dead.
Due to the crash, the northbound lanes of the heavily traveled interstate for hours were closed, forcing traffic onto frontage roads.
Senior Trooper Harpin Meyer said 16 people who sustained only minor injuries drove themselves to a Temple hospital which was about 15 miles to the south. One sustained critical injuries and was transported to a Waco Hospital which was 15 miles north.
Car Accident victims may be entitled to financial compensation for pain and suffering in addition to economic damages.