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Speeding Tickets

Speeding tickets remain one of the most substantial sources of revenue to cash starved Pennsylvania Municipalities. Other driving infractions also add to the public coffer but speed traps remain a primary source of revenue. A moving violation can result in points to your license as well as the possible loss of your license.

Stop Sign Tickets

Currently in Pennsylvania, there are two methods in which a driver maybe issued a ticket for a red light. The first of these is what you and I would consider the more traditional way where police officer has seen the actual violation and instucted you to pull over . Our Lawyers have the benefit of fighting thousands of tickets.

Red Light Tickets

A skilled red light ticket attorney can help you to explore as you refuse to pay your fine and admit your guilt. Lawyers are having good success in helping drivers to get their fines lessened.Our experienced attorneys may be able to eliminate penalties and fines of a stop sign ticket violation, so please contact us today.

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When people talk about the nation’s largest cities, few remember to name Philadelphia, Pa. It doesn’t get the press that New York does, or even Boston or Washington, but it is indeed the second-largest city on the East Coast and the fifth largest in the entire country. That’s a shock to many people.

All of those Philadelphia-area residents are on the roads, which can make for choking traffic. Thankfully, I-95 no longer goes through the city, but I-295, I-276 and I-476 all host millions of vehicles every year as people go around Philadelphia or exit off these arteries to head into the city.

Inside the city, the main roads sometimes do not match the population growth over the years, and traffic can become very bunched. In these conditions, it can be extremely easy to get in a long line of cars and accidentally run a red light, for instance. You can be stuck behind one of the thousands of delivery trucks dropping off supplies to a cheesesteak restaurant, for example, and not see the light change before you enter the intersection.

These types of innocent mistakes occur every single day on Philadelphia’s roads. In addition, on the beltways around the city, you can get compressed into a pack of cars and be zooming along above the speed limit without even planning on it.

When you receive a ticket after being stopped by a patrol officer, or have one mailed to you as a result of speed traps or a camera’s work at an intersection, you can conclude that you are guilty of your offense and peacefully mail in your fine and thus admit your guilt.

However, you should realize that there might have been an error when your speed was recorded, and those errors might soon multiply if the new speed cameras are put into effect in Pennsylvania. These cameras have been heavily criticized for inaccuracy and a lack of testing by retired law enforcement officers, who see them as simply an easy way for states to balance their budgets with little regard for accuracy.

One prominent case in Maryland involved a truck getting a ticket for traveling 57 mph in a 25-mph zone, yet the video from the camera showed the truck at a complete stop!

This is just one example of the type of errors that can occur. So, before you drop that envelope in the mail or pay online, reflect on your options. If you engage a good Speeding Ticket Attorney in Pennsylvania , you might be able to challenge your ticket in several ways.

If you have been involved in a car accident you may want to consult with a personal injury lawyer who will guide you with your case.

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Hire a Traffic Ticket Attorney

Stop the ripple effect of a traffic ticket and assert your rights as a citizen. A flawed reading or accidental running of a red light can cost you significant money in the short and long term. A small investment in a competent Philadelphia traffic ticket attorney can help you to preserve your driving record, keep your insurance premiums down and pay a lower fine or even have your case dismissed.

A Philadelphia speeding ticket lawyer knows the many ways in which traffic law can be used to protect your rights. That’s why it’s smart to contact an attorney before putting a check in the mail. If you have points added onto your license, you could lose it with the added penalty, which could even lead to job loss in some cases where a valid driver’s license is required.

Here are a few angles that a skilled Philadelphia speeding ticket lawyer can take to build a case for you:

1) The police officer might not have had the requisite training for operation of LIDAR technology for speed detection. S/he could have pointed the gun at an improper target on your vehicle and gotten a skewed reading. The gun might have bounced its laser beam off the truck in front of you before that truck moved out of your way.

2) The officer might not have had the right certification and training to use VASCAR technology, which involves a stopwatch and simple computer to record your speed. All officers must stay current with re-certification in all forms of speed detection.

3) The radar used by the officer might not have been properly calibrated, or its tuning fork was not realigned for months or years.

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Why hire a lawyer ?

The fine that you pay could be only the start of your problems. You could have points tacked onto your driving record and an increase in insurance premiums. That’s why it’s often a good idea to challenge any traffic tickets through the services of an informed Philadelphia traffic ticket attorney.

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