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Pennsylvania’s Laws of School Bus

A school superintendent from central Pennsylvania reported that 10 students sustained injuries after the school bus and another vehicle had a head-on collision. The impact caused the bus to flip and landed on its roof. The students were required to undergo medical treatment for injuries described as minor. School Superintendent Shane Hotchkiss of Bermudian Springs

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Traffic patterns Change at the interchange of Interstate 83 and Route 581

Traffic patterns are about to change drastically at the interchange of Interstate 83 and Route 581 in Lemoyne, Pennsylvania, according to PennDOT spokesman Mike Crochunis. Crews are planning to set up signs above I-83 informing drivers of the change. The installation of these signs may cause up to 15 minute traffic stoppages. Drivers can expect

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Pennsylvania’s Bicycle Laws

With the soaring price of gas, people are starting to look at the bicycle as the best alternative transport to reach a destination. PennDOT is reminding motorists to observe bicycle safety law. Drivers must leave bikers a four-foot distance when passing on the left. For Pa. Governor Tom Corbett, this law is another attempt to

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DUI Law in Pa

The Supreme Court of Pennsylvania seemed to turn 360 degrees from their established DUI law when they made a decision in a particular case: State of Pennsylvania versus Haag. Understanding the outcome of this case is important if you are facing a 2nd or subsequent DUI offense in Pennsylvania. Before the ruling in Haag’s case,

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Pennsylvania cracking down on drivers speeding in local school zones

Local police in the Erie and Millcreek, Pennsylvania are cracking down on drivers speeding in local school zones and putting children at risk. As the school year comes to a close, the police will be paying special attention to these drivers who are likely to just get worse as the weather gets nicer and as

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