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Bicyclists must obey rules of the road

May 20, 2013 With the weather getting better, more people turn their attention to their bikes. With the economic measure to save on gas, biking is the best option to travel short distances. But to be on the safe side, bikers must know the laws and obey. In the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania and Philadelphia, bicycles

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Judge recommended abolition of Philly trouble traffic court

A state judge who was appointed to oversee the troubled traffic court of Philadelphia was testifying in front of a Pa. legislative committee last Friday. He witnessed the nine present and past judges indicted during the ticket-fixing scandal are throwing his support of the two bills that would disassemble the system. It will be recalled

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Bill to reform Philadelphia Traffic Court

March 18, 2013 Due to the many charges of misconduct recently thrown against the judicial body, D-181State Rep. W. Curtis Thomas introduced a bill that would reform the Traffic Court of Philadelphia. With the recent scandal splashed against the embattled court worsened by the indictment of nine former and current Traffic Court judges, the best

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How to deal with a red light ticket in Philadelphia

With every country and state implementing the red light cameras, they are expecting that traffic violations will be reduced in these regions. The situation is very handy for traffic officers as they do not need to issue a ticket since it is done by installed cameras. Its implementing systems capture the photo of the number

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2 Phila. Policemen injured in chain reaction crash

UNIATA PARK – The driver who caused a chain reaction crash that injured two officers is now the object of hunt by the police. Philadelphia Police are searching for the driver who was responsible for a crash that caused reaction that injured two officers. The setting of the chain reaction crash was at the intersection

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