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Woman Steals 2 Police Cars in Chase

A reckless driver led the police to a wild goose chase ending in Philadelphia last Tuesday, after the  suspect allegedly stole two police cruiser in a getaway try, The chase started after a Camden police halted the traffic. During the confusion, a man and a woman riding in one of t he hated vehicles sneaked

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Increased incidence of traffic accidents

In the year 2005, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania deputized the American Traffic Solutions to give permission for the Arizona-based for-profit firm authority to issue traffic tickets at different intersections on behalf of the city. To present a positive ambiance, the logo of a red light video camera features a picture of the ubiquitous spy camera with the

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Fed judges denied dropping ticket fixing charges

After a sweeping indictment of Philadelphia traffic court, a judge in the federal court declined to drop a case involving ticket-fixing charges. According to court record, there are six judges plus three others who were charged with traffic ticket scam, they claimed that there is no evidence to prove that they, defendants, received kickbacks and

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Red-light cameras in 25 Philly intersections

June 8, 2013 On Monday morning, the city of Philadelphia will have a total of 111 controversial cameras installed in 25 intersections after the red-light cameras at Byberry and Worthington Roads in NE Philly will be activated. The instruction given is that motorists caught running red lights in these new installations for the first 45

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House Votes to Eliminate PhillyTraffic Court

June 5, 2013 Following the most emotional dissent coming from Dem – Philadelphia, the House gave a 117- 81 on Senate Bill 333. This involves a process of amending Pa’s Constitution so it would definitely end the life of the Traffic Court. A final vote is expected within the week. Philadelphia Traffic Court was facing so

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