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Bus-car crash injures at least 11

Monday morning started with a collision between a SEPTA bus and a car which left 11 persons injured, According to reports, 11 injured were sent to the hospital after an accident which occurred at the corner of 2nd street and Olney Avenue. A SEPTA bus driver and 10 passengers were injured when the bus collided

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Pennsylvania’s Laws of School Bus

A school superintendent from central Pennsylvania reported that 10 students sustained injuries after the school bus and another vehicle had a head-on collision. The impact caused the bus to flip and landed on its roof. The students were required to undergo medical treatment for injuries described as minor. School Superintendent Shane Hotchkiss of Bermudian Springs

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Truck drivers face new hours of service rules

The administration is introducing recent safety regulations for truckers that will limit the average working hours of a truck driver from 82 hours downward 70 hours. This federal regulation stated that by lowering the hours-of-service, it will be instrumental to prevent accidents caused by truck drivers who are exhausted by long-hours behind the wheels. According

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Pennsylvania’s Bicycle Laws

With the soaring price of gas, people are starting to look at the bicycle as the best alternative transport to reach a destination. PennDOT is reminding motorists to observe bicycle safety law. Drivers must leave bikers a four-foot distance when passing on the left. For Pa. Governor Tom Corbett, this law is another attempt to

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Significance of Seatbelt Law

Buckle up is the shortest message of the Seat Belt Law Pennsylvania’s Department of Transportation, as well as traveling experts knows that the impact resulting from a motor vehicle crash traveling at just 12 MPH is already a sure killer. When a crash happens, not any arms or legs are strong enough to manage the

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